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The start of my photography journey - Roger dietrich photography


When I bought my first digital camera in 2016, I never even thought that I would become a professional photographer. I always had a good camera back in the film days but I found it too expensive to get into digital when it came in.

It was a steep learning curve as I had to learn editing after capture and make my photos look good enough. Initially I just tried to get good photos in the camera and made all the mistakes that people usually make. The hardest thing to grasp and which took a long time to come back to me was the settings to use.

Back in the film days you used to have to know the settings off by heart as you didn’t get a second go at it and you couldn’t look at the photo you had just taken on the back of the camera.

I started by taking a few photos around home here at Junee and posting photos to social media. Family and friends seemed to think I should take photography further, but of course didn’t think I was good enough and thought that the comments I was getting were just what anyone that can take a photo would get.

Shortly after I bought the camera, I attended a family wedding in Far North Queensland and I was that ‘Uncle’ with a camera that all photographers dread. But in saying that I stayed away from the professional photographer and was very mindful of getting in his way.

After the wedding my wife and I went on a holiday to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and I used that time to get more acquainted with photography and did some research on editing techniques.

Initially I just used a free software program on my computer for editing and was quite pleased with the results I had achieved with some photos of the 12 Apostles along the Great Ocean Road.

But further down the track I ended up getting a subscription to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and never looked back. It was another learning curve trying to learn to edit images in these programs, but I haven't looked back since.

A word of warning to other aspiring photographers though is that a photo that is poorly shot in camera cannot be fixed in Photoshop. You really have to get it pretty right in camera before you can edit the image.

Now though, I am doing a bit of portrait photography and the occasional wedding.

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